Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bigger Picture Moment: Eyes to See

I am runningrunningrunning around the house fetching underwear that's been strewn across each stair step, unfortunate victims of a toddler who went on an anti-folded-laundry tirade -- this, of course, in between quick trips of picking up little messes scattered by small and big hands alike.

On my way down the stairs, as the pre-bedtime bath splashes and carry on upstairs with John as the lifeguard referee, I catch a glimpse of gold spilling in through the window in a brilliant stream of light.

I abandon the forsaken laundry, scurry down the remaining stairs, grab my camera, fumble for gloves, fling open the door and inhale the beauty like it's the first breathe of air I've breathed in weeks that isn't tinged with the smog of clutter and mess, exposed skin prickling from the touch cold November air, the touch of beauty from the divine.

I stand, staring, enjoying in abandon of who might be watching

without care to my mismatched, juxtaposed outfit

in thankfulness for the cold in my lungs, the vibrant purple bleeding into red and firestorms of orange

in gratitude that the Painter gifts snapshots of loveliness, gifts us eyes to see.


During the month of November, we are gathering our harvest of blessings and naming them one by one, sharing the gratitude in our hearts. Won't you join us? Share a picture, words, creation or list; just come to the table with thanksgiving in your heart. 

Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week.

Harvest them!

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