Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bigger Picture Moments: Feet firmly planted

I'm not ready to let November go just yet.

For me, that's like saying I'm not ready for snow to melt and summer to come; that's how much I love Christmas -- the season, the spirit, the celebration, the savior.

But mostly I'm not ready for the constant whirl of movement, for the focus that's normally thrust on the buying and shopping and the wrapping and the busyness that comes with the Christmas season in our culture.

So today my feet are firmly planted in slowness of counting blessings, the earnest gratitude of November. We've spent the past month as a family talking about having an attitude of thanksgiving rather than just celebrating thanksgiving as a day.

G lists what he's thankful for like water billowing over the edge of a fall; his gratitude seems always flowing for even the smallest blessings.

A boot knife {plastic! Don't worry.}

Our dog {even though he's now twice attempted to chew the eyes off of G's baby chameleon animal}

His mommy and daddy 

and snuggles

And, yes, my brother {he says after a direct question}

"But, mommy, you know what I'm most thankful for?"


"God," he says matter of factly.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because He gives me stuff."

And, ohmygosh, yes.

That exactly, little man.

We are most thankful for God, the giver of good gifts, the giver of the best Gift -- the one of a baby King born on Christmas Day. 

I hold their little hands, both boys snuggling against my body as we wipe sleep from our morning eyes amid the soft glow of the tree.

We sink into the couch and my heart a little deeper into gratitude

and I decide right there

that we're taking thanksgiving with us as we move slowly, diligently, thoughtfully into December -- side stepping the fast roads of buying and wrapping and baking and goinggoinggoing -- to instead travel by starlight through the fields to meet face to face with the best Gift we've even been given.

We'll see the face of Baby Jesus by the time we arrive, the path of thanksgiving and gratitude having given themselves the truest of guides.

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