Monday, November 28, 2011

Everyday Life: Sometimes birthdays don't need cake

I thought about baking a cake this afternoon and singing happy birthday to him at dinner just to help keep a part of him alive

He, my dad, would have been 58 today.

But, I thought, that just might confuse the boys more than anything.

The cake, really, would have been only a sugary symbol of a man's life we celebrate almost daily here in our house when we talk about being brave {"like Papa Brian when he was a firefighter, mom"} or being responsible {like Papa Brian, right, mom?} or being a silly goose {like Papa Brian when he was little, E} or making the fotch {I make Papa Brian's face, don't I mom?!}.

Because really, truly

all it takes is one good look at G's smile

or watching G eat a popsicle when it's 45 degrees outside

or a glance in the mirror at my copper-penny hair

or watching E's absolute determination while playing

to realize my dad's spirit, in this house, at least,

remains alive and well.

But, still, we sure do miss you, dad.

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