Friday, November 11, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Unexpected

Knee-deep in fear and worry,
I'm trying to count blessings like stars in the sky
more appropriately
flakes of snow falling to the ground
you know
we simply cannot be fearful and thankful
she's reminded me time and again. 
The two emotions run the same pathways
in the brain; 
so it simply cannot be done.

I pray:
thank you, thank you, thank you
two bodies merging into one flesh
two small sets of arms that will be slung 'round my neck
beautiful souls with whom to spend a weekend
in an unexpected October snowstorm spreading up the East Coast.

The flakes dissipate by dinner,
and the forecasters promise clear skies in the dawn light,
our departure day,
and as an extra bit of grace, 
an extra gift of mercy
He sends reassurance
in the form of a creative soul
comfortable behind the wheel 
from days spent navigating a semi
to take the helm

And as she drives
we take the conversation to places
of not just when and what and where
but How and Why and Who.

We drive through snow-covered hills,
and Truth, expressed
Along the Pittsburg turnpike
and mercy, experienced
To South Bend, Indiana
and to grace, unexpected