Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living Healthfully: An Arrival of Sorts

Editor's Note: After taking my journey with calorie-restricted diets and and restrictive food diets, I no longer feel that either are healthy. You can read my hard-fought-for, hard-lesson-learned food philosophy here

Stunned doesn't begin to describe it.

But thankful does.

This past weekend, I met my final weight-loss goal when I weighed in at 136 and noticed a total body fat loss of more than 5 percent of my body weight since May.

When I met my last goal -- reaching 141 -- I shared that I couldn't even remember ever being at a healthy weight during my adult life; I'd always weighed into the category or overweight or obese. My lightest adult weight prior to Curves was 168 pounds during my college running stint.

Seven years and two babies birthed later, I'm within the parameters of a healthy weight for my frame and height.

It's been a really long haul, but it's been a worthy battle to wage.

It's been a lot of making the harder choice, but it's been rewarding at seeing how the harder choice, over time, actually becomes the easier one with which to live.

And it's been a total shift of attitude, habits and allegiances.

Changes, however, I'm so glad to have embraced by the grace and power of God.

Because inquiring minds wanted to know, here's my transformation in pictures.
That's me with the short dark hair in the middle at 200 pounds in 2004; I didn't readily pose for the camera then.

188 after college, pre-Curves, post running {June 2006}
Just a full-body shot at 188 {June 2006}

175 two months after G's birth, worked out at Curves during pregnancy {October 2007}

166 one year after G's birth, consistently working out at Curves {Sept. 2008}
156.8 1.5 years after E's birth, consistently working out at Curves {May 2011}

141.6 after Curves Complete {nutrition+exercise+motivation} {July 2011}

136 after Curves Complete {November 2011}

If you're thinking of changing your allegiances from satisfying food cravings to achieving health, can I just say one thing?

Don't wait. Do it now. Because a day from now, a week, a month, a year, you'll wish you had made the harder choice today. I know I sound like a motivational booklet ... but, you know, strength and encouragement is transferable and shareable.

Consider this an open invitation if you need to borrow some of mine right now; someone once did the same for me.