Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Share the Love: The Perfect Christmas Card isn't About the Perfect Picture

So we have this conundrum: I love Christmas cards and photos and believe the two should be all smoochysmoochy and coexist in lovely beauty gracing the refrigerators of loved ones everywhere.

And my boys, well, they don't {shocking, I know!}.

Last year's Christmas card photo shoot debacle ended in tears, mine and theirs, after both of my boys became personally acquainted with the wonders of goose poop as I flailed my arms and squawked like said geese while they became one with the nastiness.

So I decided we'd try to something a little more casual this year.

While this year's photo shoot, which actually ended up being G's idea, didn't end in complete poopy, tear-ridden disaster, it also didn't end with a happy mommy photographer. Rather, I was completely frazzled and grumpy from the complete lack of interest and cooperation.

And this has gotten me thinking -- Christmas is supposed to be a joyful celebration of Christ's birth. Christmas cards are supposed to be greetings of good cheer and wishes for a wondrous celebration. There shouldn't be tears {goose poop} and frustration wrapped up in it.

Though, yes, a good picture says a thousand words, a happy family speaks volumes more.

Thus, starting this year, I'm embracing the imperfect photos we have that feature genuine smiles, placing them on the absolutely gorgeous Tiny Prints Christmas card we found, and I'm resting in the intention of our hearts -- our Cause for celebrating -- being the main message on our beautifully designed cards:

Because it isn't all about us anyway -- Christmas time or other. 

Tiny Prints offered me 50 Christmas cards in exchange for posting about its beautiful selection of Tiny Prints Christmas Cards. They are absolutely gorgeous. As always, opinions are mine alone, and I only spread the word about products I love and use from companies I'm proud to support.