Friday, November 11, 2011

Sound Bytes: Weenies, Christmas Trees and Overflowing Toilets

Had to share a few gems from the week because a few of these were too good to not archive somewhere other than the hallways of my mind.

G {four years old}: "Mommmy! Mommy! Look! It's SNOWING! GO GET THE CHRISTMAS TREE!" 

Dear, if we put up the Christmas tree every time it snowed in Chicagoland, we could likely have that big old pine glowing from October through May. And I'm not so sure the neighbors would enjoy that much festivity
While on the phone, just as my friend Erinn's voicemail beeped and began recording G ran in to announce:

G: "Mommy. You KNOW you don't have a weenie, right? Because you don't. You just don't, OK?"

Um, yes, I did know. And if Auntie Erinn didn't know before, she sure does now!

Snuggling into bed a few nights ago, we asked G if he wanted to pray about anything, to which he replied: "Yes! Today at school my friend S started overflowing the toilet. And Ms. Denise had to run in there. But I just stayed away and kept doing my project. Because the toilet was overflowing ... I didn't SEE it but ... What makes toilets overflow anyway?"

Let's see, in my experience: Barbie and troll dolls and stuffed bears, oh my.

Happy Friday, friends!