Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating Christmas: Peace on Earth

Gently, the baby slumbering in her arms stirs in the sleepy shadows of 2 a.m.
She wonders if he's been stirring for longer than she realized; she'd been in a deep sleep, exhausted from the past few days filled with trudging through crowds, giving birth and meeting her new little one's needs.

Her son nuzzles her arm, his little mouth searching for milk a little more frantically than just a few seconds ago.

She turns his head toward her, sweeps his small body closer to her breast and deftly helps him secure a perfect latch, praying he falls back asleep quickly so she, too, can return to rest.

As he nuzzles his head into her chest, he nurses with intent.

The milk begins flowing, and his small hands relax against her stomach.

His breathing calms.
His legs rest against her body, while he quietly swallows, sucks and sighs in a sweet nursing song.

Her own heartbeat slows, muscles relax, comforted by his comfort.

She sweeps her hand through his thick, dark hair, exhales a soft breath of contentment onto his small head.

The thoughts filled with the past few day's events fade, and she revels in the peace that has swept over her body.

Unimaginable peace brought about by a baby, she muses in her mind, in the midst of a starry night.

Hope unexpected.

Peace on Earth.

Reposted from Dec. 14, 2010