Friday, January 20, 2012

Bigger Picture Moment/Five-Minute Friday: Vivid

He remembers the me

-- the girl with the lip ring and fire-red streaky hair --

who ventured into roped-off catacombs while exploring the Egyptian landscape.

The me

-- 22 and the perfect cacophony of youth mixed with blind faith --

who unabashedly spoke up in foreign tongue to requests not quite understood.

The me

-- who came with forewarnings of adventure and messy --

who lived boldly, uninhibited

loved fiercely, heart outside chest

dreamed wildly, possibility endless.

He pauses.

The me he still sees burst forth though it comes through differently clothed in the skin of motherhood and marriage.

The me I was created to be

-- refurnished and brushed by the refining fires of living--

still vividly dancing amid the everydayness of life.

Simple BPM 

Each Thursday {Friday for me this week!}, we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimmer of the bigger picture through a simple moment.  

Share a picture, words, creation or list; just come to the table with thanksgiving in your heart. 

Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week.

Harvest them!

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