Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Sparkly

He bounds, all feet beneath a four-year-old body, out of the classroom with a huge grin spread thick across his dusting of freckles like peanut butter smeared heavy across a satisfied mouth.

An invitation to mommy night at preschool in his hand and a new song about being a mom bursting from his lips means we are counting down the days to our date night like we do Advent before Christmas.


"You'll need to wear a really really reaaaaaly fancy dress, mom," he says the afternoon before our big date night. "This is a serious date."

We pick out one together; luckily, he selects the black wrap dress that still fits and is gracious to fall naturally around an ever-changing body.

He then scurries to his room to dress himself in his best: his tuxedo with a white tie {NOT the red one tonight, daddy} and his fire boots.

A picture or five and we're off.

We don't want to be late.

"And, mommy, I'll carry your sparkly shoes," he says as I slip on warm wool socks and boots over nylons. "Your hands are too full."


He shows me his world in live, bright colors -- a world I only see glimpses of through his crafts and papers, his selective conversation and peeks during school drop off and pick up.

My heart

I marvel at my handsome, animated date, who still longs to holds my hand and presses his small fingers in between my own.


He gifts me his full attention and drinks up my undivided gaze and nodding smiles.

My heart sparkle-shimmers in adoration for the boy who made me a mother and a star of royalty for an evening.

As he shows me his magic shrinker tool, I glimpse his fire boots and my mind flutters back to a different date, long ago, years removed where I felt much like I do here in this classroom -- then a princess holding a much-larger-than-my-own hand, standing in the safe shadows of a taller, stockier, older version of my son at the fireman's picnic.


There is a blinkflutterblinkblink of my eyes and I see him moving and leading me to another space to unravel and explore together.

The night is a mixture of giggles and soaking up moments that will soon enough pass.

We end with the little ones singing us The Mom Song, and he asks me to take a picture.

I flip on the record switch but can barely keep him in focus through the lens of my phone because I'm simply too focused on capturing through my own eyes this boy -- live, in vivid, animated color -- burn here and now into my forever-memory.

The song ends and he collapses into my arms. I breathe in his soft scent and roll around in the newness of memories made, him and I together.

I whisper gratitude to God for a lost memory recovered of my late father, the man my young eyes saw as king, simply just another gift from the boy who has deemed me queen for an hour {and maybe queen of his heart, if I can manage such fortune, for a few more years}.

As my son picks up my sparkly shoes at night's end, I, too, offer thanks for too-full hands and a filled-to-the-brim heart.

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