Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disown It: Letting it Go

Aside from really owning and going deep with my word for 2012, I did make one other resolution this year: to disown it!

And by it I mean at least 500 pounds of all the the stuff we

1. have had sitting in our basement with only intentions of using maybe {possibly} one day
2. consider overflow: simply, we had too many doubles of kitchen gadgets, decorations and toys
3. haven't worn in five years or should never ever {ever!} wear again
4. haven't been able to fit into and never plan to fit into again

When we cleaned out our master closet for the January Simple Swap we made great progress on disowning the too-big, too-worn and too-dated clothes that had grown into a mounding pile.

{Have you tackled your bed room closet and linked up with the January Simple Swap yet? You have until the last day of January. Best of all we teamed with Melissa at Peanut Butter in My Hair to kill two birds with one stone: disowning old clothes and Dressing Like a Girl.}

This past weekend, we moved to the kitchen and the pantry.

We said goodbye to cups we no longer use as well as ones that we rarely use.

We also bid adieu the overflow of foods we no longer eat often {or, if you're me, ever} like wheat flour and other gluten-filled items like dressings and marinades.

And we even said goodbye to the old blender/food processor after welcoming into our kitchen a new food processor, which I have used every day since opening the box to make foods that we've previously bought packaged from fresh ingredients instead, including coconut pudding/cheese.
Yes, making coconut kefir and cheese requires many power tools in my house!
We ended up disowing about 80 more pounds of stuff, which brings the running total up to about 180 pounds of things that are going to find homes where they will be used, loved, cherished. {Except for maybe the old food processor. It was pretty much on its last leg.}

Next up: the basement, baby items and {dun dun dun!} the play room.

Wish me lots of patience {my word!}, muscle and persuasion power with the four year old!

Disclosure: Trop50 asked me to participate in its Resolution campaign and share one of my resolutions on Facebook with its community as well as here on my blog. To participate and garner a free coupon for the Stevia-sweetened Trop50 fruit juice drink, you can hop over and share your resolution. I was compensated for my participation in the campaign; we also use Stevia in our house to add occasional sweetness to foods.