Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday Life: On Again

I'd thought we were done.

He hadn't asked me to nurse in three weeks.

About the time we found out we were pregnant again, he lost interest in nursing.

So I just let it go.

And then, suddenly, I wasn't pregnant anymore.

And he fell and hit his head, probably making more of a mess of my own brain than his.

He asked for milk at the emergency room; I obliged.

And then holy mother load.

His cup overflows.

And we are a nursing duo again.

I'm not sure who is reaping more of the benefits -- him and his immune system or me and my oxytocin-craving brain.

But either way, game on. {Again. Until the game is off. Again. Toddlers are fickle little people, so I'm just going along for the ride with the cutest little bundle of two years old, who I'm sure, again, is helping nurse me back to life.}