Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Everyday Life: Patience {In January}

I'd envisioned rest and relaxation, time spent in the company of silence and of others to be the major components of healing.

There is some of that here.

But, too, and maybe more, there is sacrifice.

Sacrifice of time spent with my husband in favor of listening to a body that desperately aches for sleep.

Sacrifice of the places I want to go, time I want to spend, conversations I want to have, ideas I want to explore, people I want to help, words for the book I must write.

I keep wishing in some ways that this body of mine

this heart

this mind

would heal faster.

{Lord, don't you know I have boys who are growing -- growing so fast and so furious that they wake up needing the next size clothing some days? And a husband who needs an awake wife? And a business and a blog ... and and     and ....}

But deep healing requires patience. And patience requires some amount of sacrifice.

Mostly, the sacrifice of expectations

enough to allow for permeable grace

to soak into the soil of busy

enough to allow for guilt-free days

as whole living slowly, steadily emerges like the sun rising in the horizon each morning.

A reminder

that it rises

one morning at a time.

{Even for a mom, a wife, a business owner, a blogger ...}

My word for 2012 is patience. Each month, I'm chronicling how patience is being woven into my life this year.