Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Love in Little Moments

The sun had long hidden itself behind clouds in the horizon. 


E was squawking in the backseat, totally discontented with having been carseat-bound for five hours and G, although moderately contented, kept hollering that he was car sick {which means he's sick of being the car and not the notorious threat it often means when a poor soul utters it from the back seat}. 

My grandfather was at the helm driving us through the dark hills of  Tennesssee, I thought the last of our sanity might slip through our fingers when after we'd already stopped twice in about ten minutes G announced:

"Mommy! I have to poop."

At that moment in time, I admit, I was totally thinking of my kids as inconveniences to be managed: I was tired of being in the car, tired of fielding questions, tired of crazy drivers swerving over the lines, tired of E crying out in agony every time his cup was emptied of bunnies. I was just plain and simple tired. And their needs were just piling up into a heap of overwhelming my tired brain. 

In that moment in time, too, my grandpa looked over at me, equally tired of all the above, and let out a long "oooooohhhh myyyyy" before bursting into a nonsensical grin and laughing. 

Despite my best tired intentions, I couldn't hold back my own goofy smiling and giggles began slipping out of my mouth until I was full out laughing at the absolute insanity of making another stop in so little time. 

"What?!" What's funny?" G asked. "Poop is NOT funny! We don't do potty talk and laugh about potty words!"

As we laughed, he started giggling, too, until we were all laughing as we pulled into yet another rest stop.

Because despite G's preschool rules of "no potty talk and laughing at potty words" that we've adopted as a family guideline, in that moment, on that night, not only was the potty talk funny,  it was desperately needed to bring us back to that place of love and away from the downward spiral of frustration.

{Today we're making the last leg of our journey to Fort Myers from Valdosta, GA. If you think of us, please lift us up to the Father for continued travel safety and finding the humor in needing to poop.}

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