Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Remember

In the midst of living, I forget.

I chase a toddler running wild and free, newly escaped from the house, down the sidewalk and because I've been tired, chasing him is the last thing I think I want to do.

I lose sight of the exploring 2-year-old mind that's developing as fast as his running legs until I capture his giggling body in my arms and kiss his smooth skin.

As my brain spins with its own questions and pondering in silent prayer and reverie, my ears filter a million and one questions, it seems, from a curious preschooler :

"Why can't I drink juice for breakfast?" {Water, child!}

"Mom, why does zero make a ten and mean nothing?" {Well ... ?}

"Why does Ms. Denise think my shrinker tool is a gun?" {Umm?}

"Mom, can you snuggle me?" {YES!}

I forget the wonder of four years old until he presses his forehead to my eyes, his freckles almost kissing my cheeks and exclaims, "You always answer yes when I ask for snuggles!"

I wander through the seeming desert of cleansing and pray for the rebuilding periods to come and give my body, my mind rest so I can pour into the man I love at night instead of cascading into sleep all while asking Him if He's listening ...

I forget the faithfulness of His hand.

I meet with a man wiser than myself every Wednesday to walk together through the grief, the anxiety, the loneliness of healing and he often holds the light for me.

And finally, after a day of questions I cannot answer -- from my own mind and from my own preschooler and even my own husband -- he asks one I can:

When was a time God showed Himself faithful?

My mind flutters and immediately I'm whisked back to time spent in the catacombs on Alexandra, holding the hand of my future husband.

I tell the story of how Love carried me to Egypt to weave together love that binds two into one.

And there it is.

Sitting mostly unnoticed on my left ring finger ... still sparkling, still shining even almost seven years later; it melts the worry and fear, reminds me of the gifts, the faithfulness that He's since sprung forth


the laughing body of a two year old

the four year old freckles kissing my cheeks

the strong arms of a loving husband wrapped around my body every night

My rock of remembrance for His love, His faithfulness.

Simple BPM 

Each Thursday, we come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimmer of the bigger picture through a simple moment.  And to spice it up a little, during the month of FEBRUARY, we'll be reflecting upon the simple yet lovely gifts that are sprinkled throughout our lives. 

Share a picture, words, creation or list; just come to the table with LOVE in your heart. 

Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week.

Harvest them!

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