Saturday, February 18, 2012

Everyday Life: Beauty

It's maybe the most beautiful view I've breathed in all day


also the most heart-wrenching -- 

his small hands holding close to his sun-kissed cheeks a picture I'd taken of his daddy just a few days ago, aglow across the screen of my iPhone in the dark bedroom.

My love

I offer earnest prayers, filling the room with whispered requests for safety as my best friend, the apple of my boys' eyes ventures off on the first leg of his work trip to Europe. Also, for deep peace to lead to deep sleep for a whimpering four year old who is having a hard time with his daddy taking such a long journey without us.

It's there, in the comfortable, dark room, snuggled beneath thin sheets so as to keep the slight night-time Florida chill from sweeping over skin, that gratitude is whispered heartily, too,

for all the things that come bubbling to the top, boiling over, for all the emotions that can't be contained when making a go at stretches of days apart.

The love that comes pouring out in hot tears choked and sputtered during bedtime because a little boy is missing daddy snuggles reminds me of a strong father-son bond that is cultivated by so much time spent together.


The confused questioning of a toddler exclaiming "dada?" as he runs toward the door to search for his dad to read him his favorite bed time book blinds me with an understanding of the foundation my husband is helping to lay for our boys.


And later, when my own tears spill from my eyes because the ache in my heart to share life uninterrupted with him I realize that six and a half years of marriage hasn't stretched and weakened the heart strings that bind us together in oneness.

One and only

The time has only given our hands the opportunity to weave more threads together.

And this beauty is somehow brought into such clarity through the blurry saltwater tears of hearts longing to be held close, nearby to the ones with which they beat in rhythm.

{I know I don't usually publish on the weekends, but I'm feeling kind of like I want to live life outloud and in the moment here in the now. So, hello, from one bleeding heart to another, this fine Saturday night. What's going on in your world this weekend? }