Monday, February 6, 2012

Everyday Life: Good Gifts

I needed this weekend in ways I likely don't fully understand.

But there is refreshment found in Monday morning instead of the normal pull-myself-out-of-bed-and-pray-to-be-glad-in-the-dayness I've been feeling while cleansing during the first four weeks of the Body Ecology Diet {see sidebar for more details}. 

Thursday brought about a refreshing rebuilding cycle of more energy, less cleansing symptoms and a general feeling of balance and goodness. 

The blessings of life seemed to be richer to eyes that were burning to see beauty clearer, in fuller, more rounded and vibrant shapes. 

I've been counting gifts this year, yes. I've been thankful for every single one even on days where I've simply written gratitude for hot showers. 

But sometimes when the body is tired and the mind also is aching to think about something more than a tired body during the majority of the day, the grayed version of what's been taken in by fatigued eyes doesn't satisfy the thirst of a hungry-for-life soul.

Sometimes the mind, the heart just long to feel the electricity of everyday life in all of its glory. 

There was fullness tasted in places I've wanted to jump into but have been too tired to even dip in feet. 

A later-than-normal date night with John. {141}

A full-day of romping through our suburban streets with my boys and sister. {142}

photo (25)

Warmer-than-normal-weather enjoyed and sun soaked into skin. {143}

A family day of rest and church and the word and worship at full volume topped with a movie and even space to write. {144}

photo (23)

Recharged and good. {145}

photo (24)

I've been given the gift of simply understanding: 

the simplest of days where we are able to fully engage and enjoy is actually the profoundly lovely. {146}


that while I'm immersed in the whirlwind blur of gray and living through fatigue and cleansing and healing, I am a soul ever-growing and heart-skin ever-stretching to make room for more of Him. {147}

Editor's Note November 2012: If you are looking for information on restoring your digestive system, please know that The Body Ecology Diet helped me, but it didn't completely restore my health. My body actually stalled out on the the diet, and I needed to go off it to heal other parts of my body. You can read about my last steps in healing by clicking here