Friday, February 17, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Delight

A full afternoon of sun and sand on the beach delighted our senses of sight and smell, touch and sound.

Hearts full, my little family ventured off to fill our grumbling bellies and the last of the senses: taste.

As I stare at the dinner menu, I realize it's been nearly seven long but short {but long} weeks of me choosing health, choosing healing over succumbing to craving; nearly seven long weeks of pushing aside any foods with sugar or grains in favor of vegetables and lean protein so as to restore my inner body ecology from the little thieves.

And it's been nearly seven long {but short but long} weeks of coming face to face with a glaring truth when staring at a menu or a plate full of fresh food: delight does not rest heaviliy in the taste buds of the tongue.

I'd been finding happiness in the sweetness and spice of chai tea cool in my mouth, the rich flavor of coconut ice cream melting on my tongue.

Not just there, but, perhaps, there too much, too often.

As the days have turned into weeks, and food has become more and more about healing and nourishing the body, I've felt my other senses awaken more to delight.

The smoothness of 2-year-old skin against my cheeks, the warmth of sunshine on my skin.

The sound of innocence still wound tightly in my four-year-old's words.

The smell of saltwater waves crashing against fine sand.


The beauty of green gracing grass blades.

Also, truth be told, in the natural sweetness of fresh-steamed carrots in mouth.

As I stare at the menu, I realize out of the fruit of self control, real sweetness is born.