Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Write: Target

It's in the middle of Target

   the baby aisle

that it hits me hard

square in the gut

as I'm touching the  pink

soft cotton ruffles

of a tiny short-sleeved dress.

Warmer weather will bring the gifts of sun

and a beautiful, anticipated baby niece

who will wear the purple and pink garb.

It will bring songbirds that sing of spring

and long, hazy lake days with two sets

of little footprints embed in the sand.

But my arms won't cradle

new fruit from my womb

like I'd twice hoped during a long fall.

I remind myself that ripe fruit

tastes just as sweet as that

freshly picked from the vine,

cup E's smooth cheeks in my hands,


But there

in the baby aisle of Target

my stomach somehow feels

all the flatter,

and the months I thought

that separated me from the grief

of releasing two small gifts

seem merely like

elongated minutes.