Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bigger Picture Moment: Benevolent Pressure

"I believe in very small group of people who want what you what and are willing to commit," Anne Lamott on writing amid the benevolent pressure of other creative souls

We've come, I think, to a crowded, darkened middle school gym, sneaked in through the back door a few minutes late to hear words from a great wordsmith because we writers feast on words like a kid devours a cupcake for breakfast. 

But I don't know really what to expect from this small blonde dread-locked life-poet once I see her standing in the spotlight, rocking her weight back and forth between both legs and waxing reality about the Holy Spirit and tattoos and how everything she eventually lets go bears claw marks from her fingers clenching tight. 

Oh, me, too. 

Everything I let go of, too, boasts my imprinted fingers and hands. 

And, then, she moves thoughts toward writing because that's what writers do; she muses on about life for awhile and then it all circles back to words, words powerful words. 

Words alone. 

And words together. 

Me, Anne Lamott and Melissa, two irons in my journey 

But there's a difference, you know. 

She speaks to my heart when she talks about how writers need to give themselves permission to write ... about how writers flourish amid the "benevolent pressure" from other writers. 

"I believe in very small groups of people who want what you what and are willing to commit," Anne Lamott says. 

Oh, me too. 

I never gave words before to that belief; however, I realize I've been living it in life with my friendships and in my marriage and in my relationships. 

But have I believed this even for my creative endeavors, my passions? I feel like I've been seeking it for almost two years now as one of the co-founders of Bigger Picture Blogs

Only now, though, am I putting it into practice with my heart completely wrap-wound-up-around the debut of our Writing Circles forum. Finally, we've combine two things I love, two things in which I believe deeply: sharing life through painting pictures with words amid other kindreds who write life out loud. 

The Proverbs say that as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another; we need community to permeate through all aspects of our lives if we are to be stronger, sharper.

And so as it is in life, it is true also in strengthening the skill of creating and bringing to life words and stories, of writing; there is "benevolent pressure" applied in the sharpening. 

Simple BPM

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Harvest them!

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! Lovely proverb...iron sharpening iron. The writing that happens here ultimately makes me a better person. So the iron is sharpening the words and the wordsmith.

  2. First I have so say I'm so FREAKING jealous that you and Mel got to see her. It sounds divine, inspirational and the EXACT thing I need right about now.

    Sometimes the pressure isn't so benevolent, sometimes it cuts like a knife and makes my heart hurt. And...then...I visit all of you "our community" with your encouraging words and support and the pressure turns to inspiration and then I grow. SO THANK YOU! Without you ... I wouldn't have found my voice.

  3. Oh man, I wish I could have met her too! It sounds like it was such an inspiring conversation.

    I'm so glad you've found what you needed in Bigger Picture Blogs. I'm so thankful that you've brought it to and shared it with the rest of us. Writing is such a lonely endeavor sometimes. I simply love the community I find here with you and everyone who participates with Bigger Picture Blogs.

  4. Such a neat opportunity! Writing kind of gets in your blood, doesn't it?

  5. I second Jade.

    I love writing, and I love this community. I love that you helped to create bigger picture blogs. You inspire me all the time.

    So there is that.



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