Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bigger Picture Moment: Listen

Rain spits from an angry-looking sky.

I turn down the volume of music to see the road more clearly spread out before our car.

Lost in a storm of driving concentration and thinking, it was at first buried amid the plops of rain hitting the windshield, the spinning of tires rumbling beneath our car and loud whipping gale of thought in my mind.

And then clearer, from the back seat:

"Goh goh goh oua avenure a hinga ie uup eee aweeaay!"

I don't understand at first, but I listen.

I listen. 

And I discern his song: "Go go go go! On an adventure! The thingamajigger is up and away!"

My youngest, his blue eyes smiling in the reflection of the backseat mirror, voice excitedly filling the car with a much sweeter song than the sounds of road and weather and grown-up thoughts.

My very own songbird singing music to my ears, long awaited words from his lips come flowing from beneath a lack-luster sky.


My feet kiss the cold floors at 7 a.m. and wandered downstairs with my little boys. My heart hopes for the sunshine we'd seen yesterday morning instead of a continuation of the rain and dreary that spread across the sky during afternoon and evening hours.

My body misses the sun, the warmth in which we bathed during a Flordia February.

The grumbles set in as I prepare oatmeal and set out to conquer the mess that has become my kitchen.

The sound it meets my ears.

The happy chirping of a songbird seeps in through the cracks of closed glass patio doors.

I abandon the pans and pots and leave the oatmeal simmering on the stove.

I throw open the back door, cold air against warm skin and listen.

I listen. 

And I hear the reality of beauty amid the gray, the promise of spring on our doorstep.

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