Friday, March 16, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Brave

Sometimes bravery comes in the dark, burning embers of fire and thick black smoke billowing up unexpectedly from the foot boards of life, absolutely requiring the fast-action of selflessness and a life laid down in the saving of others.

It's what first comes to mind when brave saunters into the scene.

But sometimes it comes quiet, in the lulls of energy, wrapped in the slowness and tirednesss and heat of colds and fevers.

Sometimes it comes in the laying down of plans and breaking out of comfort zones and letting go of expectations we've placed on the day after the thermometer spikes both under the tongue and under the unexpected heat of March sun.

Sometimes instead of banning everyone to the couch to sweat their sickness out in the lethargy of the living room, small bravery emerges from a mother whose been trying to take captive and encage the whine and cry of illness at the embracing of a suggestion from the feverish preschooler who wants to have lunch in the park instead of at the dining room table.

Despite the runny noses and runny emotions, she packs up and heads the troops outdoors into the wide open spaces where meltdowns tend to only run hotter ... but instead saunters into the best medicine she's ever known

Happy face?

Vitamin D therapy with a side of warm breeze washing away the whine and welcoming back tiny smiles from small chapped lips -- a moment of bravery her mind easily normally would have overlooked but instead was found, clung to and celebrated.