Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments:In a galaxy far away and right here

He spins around me in circles, talking and talking and talking.

And my head honestly feels dizzy-drunk from all the constant chatter.

We talk Star Wars for about 45 minutes before I'm pretty sure my brain cannot decode and translate one more word into the language I fluently speak.

I press on in the conversation for as long as I can, looking at the different images of jedis and siths, yodas and light sabers.

It's a lot of work to keep up with him while he's lost in this world of imaginations

Mostly because he doesn't just want a listening ear; he wants my feedback.

Who should I be today, mom?

Oh, mom! Who should I be from this cover?

Why him? He doesn't have a cool light saber. 

Confession: I don't really know anything about Star Wars that my boys haven't told me.

Related Confession: I don't really like Star Wars.

I only care because these boys of mine care -- because my oldest at 4.5 years old doesn't just like Star Wars; he eats, breathes and dreams it. He lives it out myriad times every day. Star Wars to him is as real and as important as he is to me.

So I try to listen patiently, intently to him when he talks about what's happening in the imaginary galaxies so very far away.

And I pray that ten years from now he'll remember how much I care so he'll continue sharing with me about what's happening within the very real galaxy in which he lives.

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