Friday, April 6, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Light

In the fresh, crisp air of morning

the sun suddenly sweeps into the horizon

reflecting a glow across what was darkened sky.

And in the twilight of bright color

it sinks magnificently into the plains 


tiny sparkling diamonds

sprinkled in inky spread-out skies.

During the bleakest of nights and what seemed 

to be the blackest of Fridays

I cling to what He penned throughout gospels

and what He daily paints across the sky:

it's never the darkness that overtakes the Sun.

It's always the Sun who overtakes the darkness

and leaves a lit path, stepping stones of light back Home.

It's always the Light that's Moving and Alive.


  1. "It's always the Sun who overtakes the darkness..."

    Oh how much I needed that reminder today!

    Thank you, friend! Sorry that I haven't popped over in awhile! Enjoying your words...your heart...

  2. Beautiful and timely. I've had several sleepless nights with my littlest this week. But to remember that the Son always shines brighter than any of our circumstances. Lovely.

    I like the way you write. Nice job!
    Jessie at

  3. It's always the sun...

    Why did I read that it is always the son? Maybe because I feel closest to God in nature?

    Anyway this was like a light-kiss. The words swept me up and I felt warm in the face. Your words are always just perfect.

  4. It's always the Son. :) Love this, friend. You paint pictures with your words.


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