Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Share the Love: Bulldozing a Path to Clean-Up Time Peace


I dread the beans.

All one million and one of them, with the tiny red bodies, some speckled with white.

We keep said beans around because I love the hours of imaginative play that unfolds whenever I pull the container from the highest closet shelves, giving my little boys free reign to plow their cars through bean-barded highways and the green light to sink their army men into the tall mounds they've piled on the floor.

But I dread the aftermath of the beans because convincing two young boys, ages 2.5 and 4.5, to clean them up is like herding cats; I end up finding piles of beans everywhere for days and weeks and sometimes months or picking them all up myself.

Apparently, such is life with growing boys; as my little ones have grown older, taller, bigger, it seems that the toys they deem interesting and captivating keep dwindling in size.

The beans are just one of many sets of toys that contain pieces smaller than my pinky nail. {Play Mobiles, anyone?}

While those small toys are loads of fun, they are painstaking to pick up after they've been spread across the play space of the living room.

Ironically, the very afternoon I received an request to review the Toydozer, a tool that aids in picking up such small pieces, I had actually spent a good chunk of time on my hands and knees wishing for such an item while picking up piece by piece all the beans scattered around the kitchen floor.

After that serendipitous moment, I immediately agreed to give the Toydozer a few test runs during clean-up time and share our findings:
Clean up


* My oldest son happily uses the Toydozer as a "garbage truck" while he's scooping up all the pieces of his lincoln logs, beans or Duplo pieces instead of arguing with me for 20 minutes about cleaning up his toys.

* It's simple design allows my toddler to effectively "play" with it before and during clean up.

Clean up 2

* I easily gather all remaining pieces they've missed in about 60 seconds flat instead of individually picking up all of the pieces

* There are color choices, which we find an essential part of toy selection, and this is NOT just a tool; it is a toy! {Please don't tell my kids this is a clean-up tool or it will lose some of its appeal!}

* It's sturdy and stands up to abuse at the hands of bull-dozing boys.

*It's not just meant for clean-up time; it's used during active imaginative play, too.

* Coupon code! Use BLOGGER20 with your readers for 20 percent off at Toydozer.com 


* Because of its simple design, the $18.99 price tag might cause parents to reconsider the purchase. However, anyone who has picked up thousands of beans on her floor for 20-odd minutes four times during the span of a day would likely consider it a good investment.

Want one of your own?
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