Monday, April 2, 2012

Share the Love: It's about to get Hot{ter} this Spring

Now that mother nature has been busy redecorating the trees with lovely bursts of color and the prevailing winds have shifted toward sweeping in milder temperatures, I decided it was time to pack away the thick, cozy winter boots, coats and hats and do some redecorating of my own with a new spring wardrobe.

Because it's been such a tough winter for our family, I have been more than ready to welcome a new season filled with warmth and pretty colors both outside our front door and inside my closet.

Normally, I don't give myself permission to welcome a new season with a new wardrobe, but John and I decided it was necessary for me to buy new clothes if I want to go out into public, you know, clothed. Having lost around 25 pounds during this the past year, most of my old clothes now hang on my frame.

So we went shopping, and to say I had fun picking out new threads is an understatement. While I was super excited to offer a new home to these new clothes, I realized also that during my weight loss my feet scaled down a size, so new shoes were in order, too.

Oh, darn. I'd said to John, trying to disguise a sly smile. I guess new shoes are in order, too.

After having fallen in love last fall with a pair of soft gray Pixie boots from Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes, I headed straight to the Hotter site and began drooling over the spring line of shoes, searching for a pair that would easily carry me from an afternoon spent at the park straight into date night with just the quick change of a shirt and jewelry.

Because I know from experience that Hotter shoes are extremely comfortable, I browsed all different styles, not shying away from heels. {I broke up with hellish-on-the-feet shoes last fall after discovering Hotter and finding shoes could be stylish and comfortable.} But once I spotted Damson Bliss Shoe, I knew I'd found a chic shoe that could easily transition from day-time to night-time wear.


Hotter Spring 2012

When the Bliss shoes arrived, I immediately tried the pair on and found that my hunch was right; these lovely ladies could rock both the daytime t-shirts and the evening-wear knit sweaters in my spring wardrobe all while putting a little spring in my step.

photo (31)

photo (33)

Overall, I love my Hotter Bliss shoes; they definitely live up to both names. The quality is superb, and I love the intricate detail of the embroidered flower on the straps.

I do have to mention, though, that because these lovely ladies are worn without socks, I did spend an evening transitioning my feet into these warmer-weather shoes.

There were no killer blisters nor was there limping involved, but I had a tender spot by my heel and near my toes during that first jaunt out in the Bliss. After that initial wear, however, the Bliss have provided the comfort level I expect from Hotter shoes.

Do you need hotter shoes than what you're currently sporting for your spring wardrobe?

Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes has graciously has offered to give away one pair of shoes to one of my friends here AND to one person who matches a pair of Hotter shoes to our favorite spring outfits posted daily on the Hotter Facebook page this week! {How awesome is that?!} 

CHECK OUT TODAY'S OUTFIT AND MATCH A PAIR OF HOTTER SHOES by simply placing a link with your shoe choice beneath the outfit on their facebook page!

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Disclosure: I only work with brands I absolutely love and respect; it's a pleasure to review my second pair of high-quality Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes. Hotter provided me with the Bliss shoes for review. As always, all opinions are my own, and I only share products that we actually use in our own home.