Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyday Life: Summer Liberation

Today is G's last day of school, which means summer vacation begins this afternoon!

I thought about making a summer must-do list and checking adventures off one by one. 


I'm trying to declutter our lives, simplify our schedules and make enough space to burn with passion -- so adding more to-do lists to the fridge would be sort of defeating. 

Instead, I've been thinking about all the liberation summer brings.

So here's what you won't catch me doing this summer:

Copious Amounts of Cooking 

Yeah, I said it. I'm not going to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen preparing meals. Of course, we're not going to feasting on boxed dinners or processed food either. Rather, we'll be eating plenty of fresh food from the garden, grilling our meats and veggies and rarely turning on the oven. 

And if my kids want celery and almond butter for lunch with a side of blueberries? Cherry tomatoes right from the vine? Raisins and nuts?  Go for it, littles. Go for it. I'm not doing the food fight this summer. {But I will still be culturing my coconuts and veggies and giving the old Vitamix smoothie-blending workouts; I haven't totally lost my mind.}

Grocery Shopping the Middle Aisles

Speaking of the food fight that I'm not engaging in during meal times -- well, I'm not doing the food fight during snacks either, which pretty much means I'll be bypassing the middle aisles of the grocery store a large percentage of the time.

With so much fresh fruit and veggies, which both boys like one or both, we'll be snacking on easy-to-prepare snacks like strawberries and nuts, pears and peanut butter and carrots and hummus. Because we are NOT spending all summer debating which snacks are sometimes snacks and which ones are always snacks. 


Even though we're involved in really good activities and we enjoy so much time that is scheduled and planned, we're not filling the calendar days this summer. 

Today, the sun was bright shining and beautiful and it was so nice to say yes to a friend's text message asking if we wanted to meet at the park in our neighborhood. When weeks are totally scheduled, though, it makes those kinds of impromptu fun dates impossible. 

I kind of want to see what happens when we wake up and just live the day. 

New Projects

My brain twin and I are masterminds of projects. But this summer, as soon as we wrap up the first-ever Little Lake County Green Guide, we're writing down ideas and tabling them until school restarts. Mostly, I've decided to say no to any new projects simply so I'll have some time to work on my long-awaited and already started e-book and its corresponding site. 

Sorting Socks

Now that I have my barefoot shoes for working out, I'm tossing all of our socks into a bin and saving them for cold weather; I've spent way too much time lately trying to tame the sock explosion.

And I'm allowing my children to buy and wear the croc shoes I've been adamantly against for several years. {Do I have the only kids in the free world who hate wearing sandals every day? Why do they prefer gym shoes?}

Fight the Daylight

Bedtime is a huge struggle during the summer months because of the lingering light -- this summer, so long as we don't have crabs scurrying around the house or yard, we're not enforcing lights-out bedtime at the normal 7:30-8:00 time period. 

And because we aren't scheduling, it's no biggie if we sleep later in the morning and eat breakfast at 10 a.m. 

So. What are you NOT doing this summer so as to live the simple life for a few months out of the year? Please share your ideas!


  1. That all sounds wonderful! I'm only grocery shopping twice or once a month except for the fresh stuff. Less time in the car and the store means more time outside with my kids. We are also going back to family nights. Fun at the park with a picnic sounds great right now.

    1. Yes! Family nights are happening here organically ... sprouting from less time spent running around. I love those connected nights of enjoying the outdoors together.

  2. We make a summer bucket list every year. I know it isn't living simply, but it is a tradition that the boys love. :) However during summer we skip those middle aisles more often as well and my favorite place to spend money at is the farmer's market. In a sense we do a lot of things similar. Later bed times, longer play times, and no new projects. I've always been an impromptu kind of person anyway. Happy Summer vacation, Hy! I have a couple more weeks of school before we are all done here... well except for summer school.

    1. One summer, we'll make a summer bucket list, too. Because I know it would be fun! But this summer ... this summer is for a whole lot of down time. We need it this summer. Have to abide in the vine and remember seasons here or I get too caught up in the chaos. :)

  3. one of my favorite things about socks. that just made me laugh!! i miss those rhythm changing summers...when i wasn't a 9-5er and kids were all "mine"...will have to think about what i'm going to do to help this summer have more of that feel to it!! camping this weekend might get me headed in the right direction!

    1. I knew someone would totally relate to the socks things ... seriously, I dislike winter simply because I have to couple and match socks every day. Enjoy camping!!

  4. This is awesome. I hate when we have a week with more than a day or two scheduled, so much better to flow with the kids' natural rhythm.

    1. YES! When I go with their natural rhythms, life is SO much better. SO MUCH!

  5. Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous summer! Usually it is so hot here that we don't even think of going outside (unless it is to a pool) until after the sun starts to go down. That means bedtime is really late, but I don't mind the lazy mornings.

    1. I hear Chicago is a great place to visit in the summer ... jus' sayin! :)

  6. That sounds nice. I want to come and stay at your house!

    We are still working on some school during the summer, but it's fairly cold and foggy where I live, so we will take more free time when the weather is nice (which I usually do. This is why we need to keep doing some school through the summer. We have had a lot of FREE days!).

    Hope you have an enjoyable summer.

    1. Come on over, Stacy! It's warm and sunny and I have a spare room. :)


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