Friday, May 4, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Real

I retreat sometimes into words I was fed as a child:

If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 

It's advice that's served me well for the most part, encouragement to tame my tongue before my tongue tames me

But I find myself quiet here in this space when I'm drowning in weeks that have dumped heaviness, weariness on my back or I find myself striving to glimpse the bigger picture amid the suckfest that's unfolded right before my eyes.

It's a way of thinking, taking all thoughts captive, remembering the bigger picture, and that's served me well.


The hurt, the pains, the hardships -- the not so nice parts of life need voice, too.

And I find myself struggling for balance.

Struggling to be real about being real.

Because the reality of this week is that it's been hard.

Yes, I see hope wound tightly, wrapped beautifully in the Bigger Picture. And, yes, I hold fierce tight to the gift of Eternal Summer He's given so graciously.

But the truth of the matter is that I cried wet tears, almost choking on grief last night while thinking about the sweet babies to whom our friends have said untimely goodbyes.

Thinking about the tiny lives nestled deep in my womb to whom we've bid farewell too soon.

And thinking about how much I hate that death ever sauntered into the scene disguised as knowledge and life.

The not-so-nice stuff.

But as real as it gets

and it gets its five minutes today.  


  1. I think that in general the rule is good when talking to other people. But I think this rule used by bloggers is why some claim bloggers, especially mom bloggers are fake. That all that we portray is sunshine and roses. Personally I think keeping it real is the ONLY way to go when it comes to ourselves and our struggles. The joy I've received from sharing my real issues, has been so worth it when I learn even ONE person is helped by my honesty.

  2. 'Suckfest' is a legitimate thing, and sometimes it needs a voice, too. So it doesn't fester even more than it already would.

    And I think trying to see the bigger picture doesn't mean you're ignoring the ugly parts, it just means knowing they're not the end of the story.

    My hugs are yours, friend.

  3. So brave.

    Thank you for sharing your REAL...cause we all have it...the heartbreaks that take our breath away....and when we share our the raw...we give others permission to be REAL too.

    HUGGING you BIG from afar.

  4. I agree with Sarah, Suckfest is legitimate. And I'm like you (as you know) that if I can't write something nice (even though I've shared my fair share of reality) that I rather not write. Or more like if I'm going through a difficult time. My voice is strong, but my words and motivation are weak. Anyway- need to vent? Give me a call/text. I'm always there. xo!


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