Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Write: A Light

In the heavy blanket of night, she hears him cry out for her.

She presses her feet to the floor and tight-rope walk the lines burned into her memory from the day's sun.

She fumbles through the blackness, coated thick like tar spread out over uneven ground beneath her feet, before she reaches him, sighs small relief before resigning again to slumber, closing her eyes to the darkness that spread out for miles and miles in Pignon, Haiti.


In the heavy blanket of night, I hear him cry out for me.

I press my feet to the floor and tight-rope walk the lines of light spilling from the soft shine of a bulb.

There is a glowing path in the darkness, and it gives me just enough to walk without fear through the spaces of post-dawn morning.

There's comfort found in those lines of light that I often take for granted when I flip that small switch. 


It only takes one little streak of light to break the cover of darkness.

I wonder if today you might be that little sliver of light?

For every new like Bright Hope International receives between now and May 31, one flashlight will be donated to a family in a village in Haiti without much light in the post-daytime hours.

Such a simple action, such a complex gift given.

A like for a light.

Be light today.

Disclosure: Our church supports ministry and missionaries in Pignon and this is an effort to aid the work already already being done in that community. Will you share the love?


  1. This was poignant and resonant. I just liked and will be sharing.

    (Also: Loving your redesign.)

  2. I love how you did this -- matching US, here, with HER, there. I feel it. And I liked it :)

    And this FRESH, LIGHT, CLEAN design? Genius and gorgeus!


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