Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Sunday Morning {Happy Second Birthday, Bigger Picture Blogs!}

***The winner of the Creativity Package is number 8 -- Jen and Corinne! Congrats, ladies.
The winner of the books is number four --Jade and May! Congrats, friends!****

Every Thursday for two years now, we've come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the bigger picture through simple moments.

In this coming together, the women who make up this beautiful community have not only shared life but have also encourage each other in the journey of intentional living as well as our journeys to become more engaged, intentional artists and writers. 

And that kind of makes my heart flutter and dance.

So in celebration of Bigger Picture Blogs second birthday, we knew we had to do what we do best: engage with each other and create. 

But we didn't want to just have cake and part ways. We wanted to take our creativity and community to another level, so paired together community members who wanted a challenge, asking one to take the task of the visual artist and one to use her words and work together to bring a word prompt to life.

Those of us who have come together as creative duos were given musically inspired prompts. It's my deep hope that those who have been working together have found that our unions are much like the song prompts we've been working with: the true beauty of such a collaboration doesn't just rest solely in lyrics or melody; they must mingle, interweave to be enjoyed thoroughly. 

Today, we sing our collaborations. 

And today we come together to share and listen to the playlist our community has created inspired by an actual playlist. {If you'd like to participate solo the prompt is For Me This is Heaven by Jimmy Eat World. Ready? Set? Go!}

Per normal, link your Bigger Picture Moment below and be sure to visit at least one creative collaboration {both contributors!} and encourage both people in their endeavor. Please link only your post and include our button or a link back so that others can come and see what our community is all about or the link will be deleted!

And since no birthday party would be complete without gifts, one creative collaboration duo will just have to make space on their bookshelves for the beautiful Creativity Packages graciously donated by Compendium Live Inspired and a copy of A Writer's Book of Days. We'll randomly draw a winning duo Monday, July 2.


Sunday Morning {Ani DiFranco}
Words by Anna
Pictures by Hyacynth
{Yay! Our collaboration came together after technical difficulties!}

Sunday morning was once a time to catch up on all the things a week night wouldn't allow. House projects that needed extended time to complete, errands to run, coffee purchased on the go just to keep rushing in an effort to be productive. Just another day to pound through. What was this rest that others spoke of? And who had time for it?

But time changes all things and sometimes you get given gifts from the universe to remind you that there are more important things than what tasks one gets done in one day.

Where there was once house projects that needed completion at all costs there are now blocks to stack and puppets to make dance and sing. Coffee runs have given way to tiny fingers stained with wild berry juice, and a stain around a tiny cupid bow shaped mouth to match. Errands have bowed to swim pants, baby pools and books that invariably get forgotten as I get lost in watching my daughter splash while her father laughs. Providing a life for her making way for living life with her in her moments.

My little gift from a never ending universe. Redefining Sunday mornings, just as she has redefined the rest of my world.

Winner of the creativity package and books must be 18 years or older and live in the U.S. or Canada. 


  1. Those pictures are beautiful... I love blueberries and ceramics. Seriously! Something about them scream summer, relaxation, and peaceful Sundays.

  2. yummy photos ~ so inviting. THANKS for this great opportunity/idea to pair us up. It was a great exercise! And such a fantastic way to celebrate community!

  3. thanks for putting this together - what a fun project! happy birthday

  4. Mmm...your photos are making me hungry! :) Thank you for this community and for such a fun collaboration project!

  5. To one of my favorite birthday girls today! Thanks for helping to provide this experience for the rest of us. It blesses my life.

  6. oh my ~ I had to comment again after reading your (your?) words. It's amazing how easy it is to loose our connection to internal worship as we "prepare ourselves" to "go" and worship. My husband, pastor for the first 20 years of our marriage, would leave early on Sundays. So I'd have the kids. It took me a while to embrace this - but once I did, it became our time. We'd walk, talk, go for hot chocolate in the winters...just have a prechurch "date" together...changed my whole perspective on Sundays! I just love this post - keeping it real and deep and pointing us to God. Thanks!

  7. Oh I know the frustration of trying to "rush" to worship. The chaos can still away so much of the renewal.

    Keep this up and you may officially find yourself a morning person :-)

  8. I love these photos!! Those blueberries look so scrumptious I want to just eat them right off my screen!

  9. This series of photos scream 'slow down and *look*' to me. There's so much texture and color to this part of life, even on the hectic days. Perhaps MOSTLY on the hectic days ;)

    I feel restful after this piece.

  10. I was in a hurry earlier - had to come back to read your piece - love the combo of the berries and the pottery - sweet berries - sweet faces ;) sweet words.


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