Saturday, June 9, 2012

Everyday Life: Rest

It came in the midst of living. 

In the aftermath of crying out to God and feeling held in His peace. 

In the determination to live life in the now instead of living life in waiting

Standing on the deck of a friend who is a soft landing 

in the bright sunshine

of a late Friday afternoon

nearing the after-business hours of the weekend

the phone finally rang. 

Before the doctor's receptionist could share the MRI test results, 

I reminded myself of the song that clicked onto Pandora

as I was begging God for calmness of heart earlier that afternoon.

"Only one thing doesn't change.
Only one thing stays the same.
All I know at the end of the day is
Your love remains." {Paul Coleman Trio}

Because no matter what she said

no matter the results of this particular test

or any tests to come

none of it would change the most important Truth in my life:

He doesn't change. 

That He is always and forever good. 

And, as my mom reminded me while I all but hyperventilated in my living room the day of the MRI, sometimes He calms the raging seas.

And sometimes He calms the passengers in the boat. 

But no matter which He chooses, He is still the Giver of Good Gifts


As she apologized about the late call and the doctor being away from the office

I knew well that 

everything could change

and still nothing could change

and He would still remain. 

When she calmly and joyfully shared that everything looked perfectly NORMAL (!)

praise spilled from my lips

in a choir of gratitude and awe and reverence.

Not just for the rest, the relief of knowing that everything appeared normal

but also because in that moment and in that day

He calmed the storm

and He calmed the child.

I cannot thank you enough, my friends, for praying for me. For thinking of me. For loving on me during this growing time. Some have inquired about my symptoms -- dizziness, off-balance feeling, head pressure are a few. We're looking into hypoglycemia as a possible cause stemming from my super-low sugar, anti-candida diet and eating practices. 

I'm taking the rest of the weekend to practice Sabbath -- the act remembering His goodness and His faithfulness while resting deeply in both. 


  1. wonderful news sweet friend! love that you are practicing Sabbath - praying continually!

  2. This - "I knew well that everything could change and still nothing could change and He would still remain." - is the mark of a woman who can truly say, no matter what trials, struggles, or stresses life brings her way, "it is well with my soul" because when all else fails, He never fails and His goodness is more than enough. Keep looking up, my friend, because He is not finished with you yet.

  3. I'm so glad everything is alright!

    Thankful for your constant display of faithfulness and your always-open heart to love the Lord and others.

    Have a blessed day, friend.

  4. Thought of you a lot over the weekend...reading a book that had some lovely bits on Sabbath rest. two brief quotes:
    "The Sabbath means a deep rest, a deep peace. It's a near synonym for shalom - a state of wholeness and flourishing in every dimension of life. When Jesus says, "I am the Lord OF the Sabbath," Jesus means that he IS the Sabbath. He is the source of the deep rest we need. He has come to completely change the way we rest."
    ....there's a work underneath our work that we really need rest from....On the cross Jesus was saying of the work underneath your work - the thing that makes you truly weary, this need to prove yourself because who you are and what you do are never food enough - that is finished....On the cross Jesus experienced the restlessness of separation from God so that we can have the deep rest of knowing that he loves us and our sins have been forgiven. (King's Cross - Timothy Keller)

  5. I'm curious about your symptoms, but only because I've had them too. I say 'had' because they have pretty much gone. For me, I'm pretty sure it was anxiety.


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