Monday, June 11, 2012

Everyday Life: Simplicity

Monday morning, and we've slept in -- three of us snuggled in the same one-foot space in the middle of our king-sized bed long after the sun jail-broke the horizon and land from the darkness of night.

Rested bodies and brains and hearts, we slip out of bed quietly, one at a time, so as not to wake the remaining sleepers until all eyes open naturally, ready to greet the day and each other.

Monday morning, and normally we're all mourning something lost somewhere between midnight Sunday and the breaking of dawn

be it the return of a very-loved daddy to his 9 to 5

or a return to drinking cold tea because there's not a moment's time to catch it while it's hot

or a return to the clock and following its face instead of following the lead of our bodies as we make our ways through the day.


But there's this summer rhythm --

kept in time by the bass drum of frogs humming in the ponds

in harmony by the sweet soprano of song birds

in balance by the sun stretching out its radiant fingers further into parts of the day that used to belong to the moon

in fullness of not just numbering but feeling even the smallest gifts of the Giver in open-palmed hands

and it even saturates Monday mornings.

It seems like a miracle of summer

but really

it's the miracle of simplicity.


  1. I love just puts me right there in that heavenly summer place with you! I'm praying to know/live/find that miracle in the rhythm of 9-5. I know it's there, I seem to grasp it fleetingly from time to time...but it's easy to loose (as you know!) in the routine. This weekend felt L*O*N*G - like time slowed that's something! Thanks so much for's with words like this that I can get pulled back to the simple, reminded!!

  2. I love days where you can just be. So important! And I adored this as well. But I'm a tad envious of your king sized bed. ha!


  3. Summers are so great for that very reason. Time to relax and just let the day come as it may.

  4. Well said! I love your outlook!


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