Friday, June 15, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Path

I don't know where we're heading {beyond general direction}

and I'm ready to let go of guessing,

of trying to be there before

we've even walked the mile stretched out before our feet.

But. What I do know --

I want to walk it, my fingers thread through yours.

I want to run without getting caught up in the bumps we've just hurdled.

And trust that we'll be able to swiftly move over

fields of flat plains

and foothills

and mountains


That our lungs will stretch

and our legs will move

and our hearts will keep beating

in time with each other

no matter what's underfoot.


There's nothing better than good conversation ... but not while talking to myself. Will you play a part in this discussion?

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Thanks for taking the time to make these thoughts into conversation.