Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Flood Waters

My mind has been absolutely drenched this week with a torrential downpour of thoughts. 

And I'm left struggling to remember what to do with all this water after such a long drought. 

We had a relatively quiet winter and spring event-wise and decision-wise, which was good because so much of our energy had to go into simply just parenting and connecting with each other and making it through each day while I was entrenched in such intense healing. 

A drought of major life events and a break from heavy decision-making was needed for sure.

But it feels like during the past month, the clouds have rushed forth, broken open and begun pouring on us; it's not necessarily bad, because you know, rain is needed -- both in gardens and in life. 

It's just, well, heavy and saturating.

Earlier this week, on what was my anticipated due date prior to miscarrying last fall a sweet little love, I realized I'm not just dripping wet and soaked with thoughts about, well, everything but that I've actually been caught up and washed away in the flood.

I've been short in patience, fast to sleep, slow to rise and quick to get all wires of communication crossed, my overworked brain unable to transmit correctly all of the information floating around in my head.

Classic over-saturation.

The beauty of this is that I now realize when I've hit that point of feeling like I'm floating away on all the rainwater of thoughts before I'm tumbling over waterfalls.

But I'm still further downstream than I'd like, flailing and kicking and grabbing onto tree branches, attempting to pull myself out.

Yesterday, as I grasped at leaves, God in all His goodness threw me a line first thing in the morning in my devotions. And then again -- just to make sure I didn't miss it -- while I was at our last Bible study session of the summer.

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me." Jesus in John 10:27

A call to quiet the downpour of thoughts. A whisper to stop fighting against the current and let the Good Sheperd pull me out and carry me against His chest.

Because, I remember in the midst,

sheep were meant for still waters

not deep, rushing, rolling floods. 

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  1. Beautiful and so true. There is little that calms the storms in life quite like the gentle voice of the Lord. Prayers for you as your healing process continues.

  2. Sheep were meant for still waters... I like that.

  3. "I know them" ... I take such comfort in being known. By family and good friends. By myself. By God. For me, just that takes so much of the noise away cause I don't get lost in explaining myself. It means so much when someone just "gets me" ... and to know I ALWAYS have that with God is, very often, my life boat! I've been under water myself (for different reasons)...coming out from under today a bit and it means so much to connect with your heart and thoughts.

  4. Beautifully written as always. This was something I too needed as a reminder this week, thank you friend.

  5. Peter Mayer has a song "God is a River". Youtube and take a listen. It speaks of that rushing water....

  6. You're so smart. I love this and love that you took the time to slow down and look carefully to see what God wanted to show you - God is growing you just beautifully ;) I'm honored to read as you share your heart- thank you! (also enjoying your Bible verse shares on FB)

  7. Haha...."Papa Phil" is really me: Michelle Pendergrass ;)

    Guess I'm signed in to his account!

  8. I trust that you will be pulled from the stream soon and you will be basking on the shore in light and peace.


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