Monday, July 9, 2012

Everyday Life: Bulldozer

He's a small but mighty bulldozer, pressing himself forward, crushing whatever is on the path to his self-proclaimed prize.

And I'm the foreman tailing behind screaming for him to stop! look! be careful! 

It's so loud, those rumbling and pressing desires, he doesn't even hear me.

Almost three years old, and his body is now capable of playing out most of the scenes that have been spinning around in his busy and boisterous mind these past few years. 


Whereas his older brother gave life to scenarios through vocals first, talking it through, he is the hand reaching, the legs running, the arms climbing and the body moving first. 

Most days, he is curiosity in the flesh perched atop tall branches dangling over an open pond of fish, and I'm the firefighter trying to save the cat from drowning. 

But everyone knows that cats don't come out of trees for shrieking idiots, jumping up and down.

That's what I feel like lately. 

I talk myself down while scrambling up the tree, reminding myself

to breathe deep

to pray hard

to love well

and trust fully

that one day 

this passion

this vigor

this desire

won't be driving him over ledges or out of tree branches

or me crazy

but, rather, 

it will be driving him 

down the road 

spread out before him 

by a gracious Paver

and all this practice will have made

him ready to take the wheel.

Linking with Let's Hear it for The Boys over at M.O.B. Society. 


  1. This is one of the reasons I love having boys. Their energy, exuberance,'s all a love for life and sucking the marrow right out of every day. It's work for us moms, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. I'm learning that I really, honestly do love it when I don't let the foreman/firefighter in me get too heavily involved. :-)

  2. they are all so different, huh? I was shocked when Avalon came around, all high-spirited, confident and STRONG-willed, after Loudoun was so easy going, compliant, etc. Totally not labeling my kids, but as far as parenting goes, they are so different! But the end goal is the same. We want them to love the Lord and love people. I love where you said breathe deep, pray hard and love well. That's what we care called to do, with our kids and in life.

    1. Yes ... so different and yet the end goal is the same. Good way to put it, Robin.

  3. LOVE it! We're on baby boy #2 grasping and getting mobile and making messes and getting bruised and discovering the world. And it's such a joy and a challenge. Lovely words! Stopped by thanks to MOB linky.

  4. "everyone knows that cats don't come out of trees for shrieking idiots, jumping up and down" Lol.

    Very good description of being a mom of an active boy. :)


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