Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Share the Love: The Dailey Method {3/3}

I'm constantly trying new forms of exercise and drinking in fitness and nutrition information like it's a Blueberry Vanilla No-Milk Shake; the only type of exercise I've ever stuck with, though, is Curves.

Until probably now.

More than likely, I'm going to continue with The Dailey Method, a fitness class that combines barre ballet, yoga and Pilates in order to improve posture, develop core strength and promote long, lean, strong muscles.

It's not just because my posture has improved {oh, has it!}. Nor is it only because my core is so much stronger and I've actually toned some of my stubborn areas.

Although, I've been really grateful for these improvements in health, my desire to press on revolves around more than just the physical.

It's mental. 

While I'm in class my mind doesn't wander and chew over ideas or thoughts or situations or anything; rather, I'm focused solely on the task that's presented simply because the movements and poses require so much conscious effort and focus.

Some would call it meditation. 

I call it soul song. Because for those 60 minutes I'm in class, moving and stretching and tightening and pulsing and holding my muscles, very intensely and intentionally working extremely specific body parts, I'm thanking God for this awesome gift of my body. 

For a long time, I've struggled with body image issues and loving my body the way God has made it.

The Dailey Method classes have given me ample opportunity to get quiet in a peaceful, sun-drenched space; essentially these classes have given me time to tune into the body God's given me in healthy way.

Instead of focusing on what it isn't, what it can't do, what it doesn't look like, I center all of my mind-energy during class around gratitude to God for what my body is, what it can do and what it does look like.

Though I decided to begin classes at The Dailey Method to improve my posture and core strength, I also decided to document my journey via photo in order to see whether posture improvement and core strengthening can be measured visually instead of only by feeling.

photo (40)
Week one at The Dailey Method

photo (43)
Week four {14 classes taken} at The Dailey Method
I've been attending classes the recommended four times per week during this month I've been gifted in order to be able to share here honestly and knowledgeably about The Dailey Method. But after this week, I'll probably cut down to two classes per week simply because the studio is so far from my home {30 - 40 minutes} and I'm limited to times when John can care for the boys because the on-site childcare, while fantastic, is expensive at $6 per child when added to the cost of each individual class {$20} and gas money. 

However, if I lived closer to the studio, I'd definitely take advantage of the first month special {unlimited classes for $100} because I absolutely love the class flow, the energy, the encouraging and knowledgeable instructors and the warmth of the space in addition to the way I feel during and after classes.

My time spent at The Dailey Method has exceeded my expectations while enriching not only my understanding of the body and fitness but also my life.

Week One at The Dailey Method

Week Two at The Dailey Method

Fine Print: The Dailey Method of Lake Forest has generously gifted me with unlimited classes for 30 days in exchange for writing about my experiences. All opinions are my own, and I take seriously the responsibility to share my  true experiences and feelings. Please note that I've been engaging in my normal fitness routine at Curves while adding in TDM classes.


  1. You look great! I'm so happy for you - I've got to start back to yoga - planning to do it with the boys! :)

  2. This sounds GREAT! Now I'm wondering if there's a place around here...


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