Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thinking, That's All: Together

We've come together in thick humid air of late June, to just be.

Just be. Together.

We swing open the creaky screen door of the chalet, and it's like coming home to a place we've never before been.

A place where shoes are ditched upon entering and tight hugs follow on the tail feathers of giggling and laughter from two lovelies she and I found via friends and tweeting -- four song birds chirping from afar, finally flying toward the same landing spot for one night.

I'm starving, I exhale, after greetings are shared.

We set to work.

We feast first in meal, prepared together in the midst of multiple conversations, over the sounds of summer drifting in through patio screens.

Food for body

And then we feast some more --

words meeting hearts,

toes meeting sand

photo courtesy of Melissa

waves meeting shore

glorious red streak brushed in one single stroke meeting the bluegray of water just before inky night skies stretched overhead. 

Over the water
We stay up, trying to cram every last bit of conversation into the time-space we've been given together before eyes begin to heavily droop and we each give into sleep.

I wake -- hungry again -- to sunlight drenching my pillow and voices carrying up the stairs.

I whip eggs quick in a cup and throw them onto a sizzling pan

as I simply soak up more thoughts

more stories

more conversation

more of life


And when the final hour draws to a close, I swallow and pause and smile.

We each reluctantly push away from the proverbial table

linger in last conversations and embraces

and fly off north and south and west.

But we fly off


Full and nourished.


  1. Good friends are sweet to the soul. So glad you had such a refreshing retreat.

  2. the tears that are flowing are happy and sad. Good knew I needed you girls. Still need you. Miss you.

  3. Sounds absolutely perfect! I'm so very disappointed that it wasn't possible for my coming. But I'm pleased that you were all so very blessed.

  4. Wow, sounds absolutely perfect.


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