Friday, August 31, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Change

Beneath the late August sunlight

hope hangs thick

like honey dripping from the hive,

soft-sticky amber coating my heart

seeping into open wounds,

filling in the cracks and crevices of hurt,

a salve that sweetens spaces threatening

to harbor bitterness.

I linger long, still tender and stinging,

in its balm

and welcome the slow march

from summer sunlight

into cool autumn air

where honey slowly thickens

and holds strong, solid

those spaces that desperately

needed to be filled with something


Five Minute Friday

{This Five-Minute Friday piece was written in chunks because of multiple interruptions by two small children, so it actuality, it's more like a 15-minute Friday piece. Just keepin' it real.}


  1. I love honey as a metaphor; never would have thought of it myself, but this is really beautiful. I'm so looking forward to the cool of autumn; change is good, inside and out.

    Came over from Five Minute Fridays; thanks so much for sharing some beautiful words of sweetness when it might be easier to focus on the negative things they're covering.

    1. Thanks for sharing your encouragement and taking a few minutes to pop over. :-)

  2. None-the-less this is beautiful!

  3. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore your writing style? Just beautiful!

  4. You include such vivid descriptions in your poetry posts. Lovely!

    1. Thanks for stopping over and sharing encouragement with me!

  5. Oh your writing really does paint a picture and this is just another beautiful example of that. You know what I thought of with your honey metaphor? The fact that His words are sweet as honey to our souls and that with every change His words remain true. Love this, friend.

    1. Steph, you SO get me here ... and, well, pretty much everywhere, but way to know where I was heading. :-)

  6. "a salve that sweetens" love the whole thing from start to finish! you wax poetic so beautifully :) my friend- thanks for sharing

  7. This was glorious. You should sign up for the poetry writing circle. ;)


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