Friday, August 10, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Connect

Under the wide-open overhead spread of stars

I see Your hand stretched out, palm open

pouring out blessings in the form of rain drops

over parched land

parched heart-soil.

I watch You move

steady and in the time-beat

I must learn to keep daily;

You are purposeful,

unfolding each day with intentions

and grace.

I am awed,

unwrapping each day with clumsy hands

but willing heart.

At the end, when the sun fades behind the horizon

I stretch myself over grass

gaze up

and try to connect the dots

you've so strategically placed

in sky

and in my days.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Such a lovely prayer! It is incandescent.

  2. Beautiful..

    Visiting for the first time from 5 Minute Friday.

    Have a sweet Friday...

  3. Oh how lovely...

    This is my first visit. I've been connection through Lisa-Jo's prompts for a while, but one of my favorite things is that I still discover new writers, new members of the one Body we belong to.

    I am so thankful I found this. Your stream was beauty-packed and delicate.

  4. Beautiful, Hy. You've no idea how you inspire me.

  5. I miss you, how have you been doing? Like REALLY doing, not just the answer we hand out to everyone who don't really want to know. :)

  6. I love this, so easy to read, so full of meaning.

    Marissa @

  7. This is absolutely lovely!

  8. I love when you write poems like this.

    I understand and pray this: "unwrapping each day with clumsy hands

    but willing heart." Yes!

  9. Beautiful. I connect the dots too. :) Always amazed by His grace!


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