Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Write: More

I know.

I know that when little ones act up and out that they need more --

More love

More attention

More patience

More time --


More from me.

But I've been driving around this block for weeks on end, and the gas light is on and the kids are still screaming in the background and the radio is blaring and there's so much noise in this proverbial car and in my not-so proverbial head that I just can't isolate anything to turn it off for long enough to realize

that I've got to stop for gas, like, ten miles ago.

Because that last fill up for how long I've been driving

can't last for as long as I've been going.

I need an off ramp

with an Oasis

to refuel so much more often

now that the load is filled with

growing boy bodies

growing hearts

growing lessons

and growing miles to trek.

And sometimes, I guess, we just have to put it in park

and watch the sun rise and set*

remembering we didn't have to push the pedal a little further to the metal

for either to happen.

*Super huge thanks to Corinne for reminding me of this awesome truth. 


  1. I found the refueling got more and more challenging as they got older - with the young ones, so much of it was physical refueling...the older they got, the more I felt the need to deeply recharge emotionally. To be aware. Ready. And spiritually connected to God, my husband and to close friends who were fellow journey-moms! I don't think that it can be said enough....ministering to ourselves is so very vital to our ability to parent with our whole hearts!

  2. I was wide awake this morning by 3:45 trying to figure out whether my adult child needed "more" (or perhaps less) from me. Later I will be dragging my tail and still have a list a mile long of things that need to be done today. I wish my off ramp would take me straight to a travel center where I could load up on wisdom and a gentle tongue and find a place where I could catch a bit of peaceful shut eye before continuing on the journey.
    Wonderful metaphor. Twenty years down the road from where you are as you write this the metaphor is still apt.

  3. Oh, this: "And sometimes, I guess, we just have to put it in park and watch the sun rise and set" So good and so true. Thank you for this lovely reminder, friend.


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