Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everyday Life: Brake

He messages me in the middle of the day.

It's not unusual, but it's more than the characteristic "I love you" or "good morning."

I read heaviness, words hanging like soggy sheets on the line.

I feel like we've gotten beat up in some ways. Maybe it's just that we are walking in fog and need a lamp to guide each step.

It resonates.

These past few weeks have been damp with fine mist, thick and heavy, hanging in the short, hurried conversations, in the rush of meals around the dining room table, in the quick sinking of bodies into the bed at night -- a fog we've been trying to feel our way through.

A fog so thick it's forcing us to slow from the rapid speed we've been driving because highbeam headlights are useless.

And blinding.

That afternoon before he leaves work I call him; we are supposed to go separate ways tonight -- me to an appointment, him to a meeting, the boys with a babysitter.

Instead, though, I ask, could we just brake?

Could we flip off the bright beams and pull over to the side of the road?

Come together and look at each other instead of straining our eyes to see out the windshield a few more miles beyond where we are?

He drops the road map, and we halt to a stop.

We fling open the doors for some air,

whisper prayers for clarity into the darkness, breathe in
Your Word is a lamp for my feet and light to my path. Psalm 119:105
We sit in the soft glow.


in the heavy fog.

in the stillness.

and realize we can see the ground on which we're standing.

And for now

it's more than enough Light to see the next step.

{This piece was written live at our Creative Soul Writing Circle. More on this tomorrow! In the meantime, join a virtual Writing Circle.}


  1. This is beautiful and so good, Hy. I love it. And, as always, I love your raw honesty that you share in this space.

  2. Oh my... I just wrote up tomorrow's bpm, and we are so on the same wavelength it's not even funny :)

    And that moment for the two of you in that soft light, just breathtaking.

  3. So hard to put on the brakes as life whooshes by. Such an important thing to do. This is really beautiful.

  4. lovely -just wonderful Hyacynth! love it - so many need it too - must be in the air

  5. {HUGS.} I can so relate with this need to brake. A lot of times, this year especially, I feel like I'm literally grabbing at the e-brake. This part "And for now, it's more than enough" makes me happy and makes me smile for you. I know this story ends with an ellipses more than period, for that's how marriage and life goes, but that's okay. It's more than enough.


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