Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bigger Picture Moment: Hers was the First

Hers was the first voice to whisper loud through the darkness that my own voice -- just a mother of a toddler, 25 and lonely-hard reaching -- wasn't lost amid the autumnal heaping piles of seasoned falling leaves on the internet.

That I wasn't just the mother of a toddler with a same--sung-song as all the rest, but that I was the mother of a toddler with a voice of my own and heart that stretched far and wide into motherhood, yes, but that also was rooted deep in the other soils of life that grow the heart of a woman.

Hers were the first words that were bright beacons of promise guiding me through the last weeks of being heavy with another child, calming, reassuring that my heart wouldn't betray me when our family grew by one more and that love would rush forth like a spring newly sprung.

Hers were among the first hands to commit to building a haven for connection and creativity, designing a foundation we all build upon each week, word by word, story by story, bigger picture by bigger picture.

And hers was the first heart here in the vast open online prairie with which I felt my own trade strings, back and forth, back and forth, building thread by thread a hand-knit friendship that spans hundreds and hundreds of land-lay miles.

I have been beyond blessed; there have been many voices, many words, many hands, many hearts since hers with which I've connected because of this small space I bravely and humbly, fiercely and timidly claimed as my own almost five years ago this December -- some of whom I call my best friends.

But hers were the first, and without her first voice, her words, her hands, her heart, my own voice, my own words, my own hands and my own heart wouldn't be what they've become.

I owe her much, and yet, I know because of who she is, I owe her nothing at all.

This afternoon, in the early October sunlight her plane will land here in Chicago

And  for the first time in person, amid the tree branches dancing with vibrant golds and deep, dark reds, I will hear in person the first voice in the blogosphere that so encouraged, the first words that so healed after I cried out for comfort.

For the first time, I'll embrace the hands that have built with me

and I'll weave another few threads with the heart of a most beautiful soul.

One that I knew long before we ever met.

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  1. I am so very excited to get on that plane in mere hours :)

  2. And I might totally be crying... Because your words.. I feel the same way. You know.

  3. This is like a love letter, and I truly believe that love letters between sisters belong in this world. Just beautiful, Hy. Have fun, ladies!! Yay :)

  4. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful post for a wonderful day!

  5. Very special post. So glad you're getting that special visitor! I had no earthly idea when I started blogging that I would find such genuine friendship. It has blown my mind and comforted my heart and soul!

  6. Ah, you made me cry. Someone gets me every week. That was simply beautiful. Cheers to wonderful friends and to hearts sewn together by the deepest of passions.

  7. exciting for you! Praying your time together is a sweet blessing to each of you!

  8. What a lovely tribute to your friendship. I hope you two ladies have a fantastic time together!

  9. oh how much fun is that? I'm happy for you both - thrilled you get to spend the time together! enjoy- my bloggy sister :)can't wait to sit with you again myself

  10. Hope you guys have a fabulous time!


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