Friday, October 19, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Look

I wake slowly from a peaceful slumber

pull myself quietly, softly from between warm sheets and bodies.

It's not often that I can slip out of the room,

leave everyone cuddled snugly in their beds, in their dream lands 

and quietly make my way downstairs that groan beneath my feet. 

I rise before the sun, greet billowing October clouds

and I feel a pull to Words. 


And mine own spilling from my mind and through pen,

a love letter response to the one He wrote me. 

In the quiet lingering darkness of early morning

the cobwebs in the corners 

and dirty dishes piled next to the sink 

don't taunt me, 

don't tempt me, 

don't scream for me to look as I walk past. 

Because in these precious, quiet moments

when I'm the only awake

I'm drawn to a different kind of housekeeping

that of dusting off the soul

cleaning up these thoughts

and polishing this heart. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh yes...I am needing some of that myself:)

  2. Wow, so beautifully said(written). Yes, all around there are those things that surround us and lure us away from that moment alone when we read His love letter and a time to respond.

    The form is so pretty, in poetic verses.

    Glad to me right next to you, just hopped in piping hot from Lisa-jo's nook. Happy to know you.


  3. "A different kind of housekeeping" -- Love that, Hy.

  4. A beautiful post! I could absolutely use some time to focus on "a different kind of housekeeping"! I hopped over from 5 min fruday. :)

  5. I can't tell you how much I love this post. It is one my favorites!

    Those dishes do scream, don't they? It can sure take some work to block their voices out.

    Here's to

    "dusting off the soul

    cleaning up these thoughts

    and polishing this heart.'

    (Such beautiful words.)


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