Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bigger Picture Captures: Giving Thanks

I am the song that's playing on repeat, over and over again ending the last note only to begin again on the first.

I can't help but play and play again this song of gratitude, though.

It's been such a rough year.

But through the low notes, we've heard the overarching harmony of peace that comes from holding tight to the truths that God is good

and that He never forsakes those who seek Him.

Our Bigger Picture Capture prompt over at BPB was to snap a shot of Giving Thanks, and I immediately thought of a piece I created yesterday to accompany The Thanksgiving List challenge one of my church's bloggers and our senior pastor issued our church family:

"Before you make your Christmas list make your Thanksgiving list."

Photo Nov 20, 10 34 14 AM

And so I write them down, one by one, giving thanks, making my Thanksgiving list, playing my same song, a broken record of praise.

Join us for #BPCaptures! Each Wednesday we upload our pictures to instagram and follow the hashtag to find each other's captures.


  1. "Before you make your Christmas list make your Thanksgiving list." Love it! A timely reminder to keep our priorities straight this holiday season.

  2. such an important reminder - especially this time of year when we tend to overload with busy busy!


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