Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Extending Arms

Tonight I'll fall asleep tucked beneath cozy, warm blankets.

Peaceful slumber indeed.

Some won't.

I can't bear to think of where the women and children who are sold into human trafficking will be this evening as the sun sets and leaves them beneath the terrible covers of darkness.

It seems like a million miles away, and at the same time it seems so close -- a violation of not just bodies but minds and hearts and souls.

When I pray, I want to reach out my arms and scoop up the broken, the hurting, the violated and the sad.

But my arms just can't reach that far, that wide.

The SOLD Project, though, has arms that can. This organization reaches into the trenches of Thai communities, helping children who are risk of being trafficked stay in the arms of love rather than hurt.

My friend Jade works with The SOLD Project, and she's seen first-hand how lives are being changed. So when The Girl Effect Challenge came along offering to help The SOLD Project grow its resources, she knew to reach out to her community to help increase the likelihood of receiving the help from the challenge.

I read an email from Jade before I was about to surrender to bed tonight. She wrote:
....The Girl Effect Challenge ends Friday and we're just within a breath's reach of winning the challenge. This would be so huge for us, to get so much more visibility and credibility PLUS a potential grant of $30,000. If you were on the fence about giving, now would be the time to do so because your donation really could mean the difference between winning this challenge and not. If you've already given, please consider encouraging your spouses, family, friends to give too. 
Remember, it's not the dollar amount but the number of donors that will win this thing for us. 
If you'd like to see a snippet of what we're doing, you might like to read this post.
To help us win this challenge, please click here!
Then spread the word! Thanks so much. Your support means so much!
And here's the thing: our support doesn't mean so much solely to Jade. But, rather, it means so much, it could mean everything to the lives that are being changed. If you'd like to reach your arms wider and farther than what you thought, please click here to help The SOLD Project win The Girl Effect Challenge.


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  1. I was so moved by the work Jade is doing as well. I am praying they reach their goal.

  2. Just gave ~ thanks for the reminder...was on a mental list somewhere, but I'm afraid I would have forgotten!

  3. Oh Hy, thank you so much for this. And May and Adrienne, you lovely ladies are so warm and generous! I am awash with gratitude for you all. Thank you.

  4. Incredible project. Thank you for sharing!

  5. pinned and shared this Hy- I'll be back to link up my bigger pic moment tomorrow :) I have to combine it with 5 min fri to save mommy time


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