Friday, November 16, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Stay

Some days I want to lay it all down


and quietly walk away. 

Return to the open spaces we once swam freely

among the sea of so many hours in the day

I had the luxury of wishing away 

the last few in the afternoon. 

Those days long passed

those long hours

used to scream at me

to do something significant

as I washed walls and windows and sticky fingers --

to be someone more than 

the stay-at-home mom, long-order cook 

and housewife extraordinaire.

And now as the hour hand races from number to number

and I scramble to make it from 

place to place

activity to activity

little body, to preschool body to strong arms

these short days whisper

to slow down 

return to  

that extraordinary ordinary

I'd so desperately wanted to escape. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Hi,
    Linking in from Lisa Jo. I feel for what you are saying but I miss all that - I have 3 grown children and now I am in "retirement". But God has been keeping me still with kids. Created a little book called Tadeo Turtle which just came out. Fun times.
    Blessings in your family times.

  2. Those days are a blessing and you KNOW that I would never predict saying this but there is something magical in having more time to yourself once they are all in school. It is a time of rediscovery and it produces new ambitions. It was tough at first, even lonely, but then time marches on and so do you. when you get there you will feel that it is as much as a blessing as these days that you treasure now. For realz :)


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