Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sound Bytes: The Thanksgiving Edition

We'd been reading every night before the boys go to sleep a cute little story, Run, Turkey, Run, in which a quick-thinking turkey successfully escapes the farmer who is trying to turn him into Thanksgiving dinner leaving the family to dine on some not-so-traditional eats like, say, grilled cheese sandwiches.

G closed the book, looked at me and said "Can we have grilled cheese sandwiches at Thanksgiving?"

"No, hun," I said. "We already got our turkey from Farmer Nick."

"I wish our turkey would have gotten away  ... I love grilled cheese."


As we went around the room post-desert and shared our Thanksgiving lists, in which we recounted our blessings, John's younger sister half-joked that she was thankful for parents who let her move back in with them.

G. then shared he was thankful for our house, which inspired John to also express his undying gratitude for our house "so we didn't have to move in with Grandma and Buba, too!"

I voiced thankfulness as well since we've been there done that, erm, three {?} times {I've lost track. It was a lot.}.

As G. thought about it, he pretty much took back his previous blessing statement and labeled it more a curse.

"Man. I wish we could live here ... if we didn't have a house ..."


After Thanksgiving dinner we were driving home and E exclaimed from the backseat,"Ooooooh! Found Christmas!" as he pointed at the freshly lit decorations adorning buildings and trees.

And then we nearly choked on cute overdose.

Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving and day after!

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  1. HA!!! Those were great and I too like a nice gooey grilled cheese. :-) Glad you had a great holiday.


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