Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bigger Picture Moments: Christmas Present

We slept until about 8:15 and lounged in our pajamas longer than normal Christmas Day because we could.

Only casual plans sprawled out before us for the entire day.

Unlike most Christmas Days of the past that were filled with travel or spent inside my mom's home, this one seemed fully our own even with one must-stop at church that actually felt more like pleasure than work.

And it moved slowly. The entire day, hours spread out wide and open like prairie stretches for miles under the cover of snow.

We lingered in small moments of joy, watching two still-small boys play with a pirate ship that was still in its box.

We marveled as we read the Christmas story again {and again and again}

Smiled while E sang his own lyrics of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel."

Stood in awe of our dining room together after lighting the final candle for our Christmas candlelight dinner spread

and giggled as we drank our juice and sparkling kefir water from fancy wine glasses.

Christmas dinner

As I rocked my small one in my dad's old recliner at the end of the day amid the glow of candles and tree, little twinges of remembers poked at my heart -- of magical Christmas Days past where my sister and I unwrapped traditions more excitedly than we undressed presents stacked beneath the tree

and I smiled.

Last year, I think I would have cried.

But this year

I smiled.

I was thankful instead of wistful for the past.

I don't know when it happened --

when I made the jump from past to present

from being rocked to rocking.

It's almost like being married with two kids and one dog and a house sneaked up on me.

I rocked my small one in the lingering hours of twilight and pondered how on Earth

we are the adults now.

And my thoughts went straight from memories

to future

and how we are now the rockers but one day these boys

they will be the ones rocking babes in their arms as they think back to Christmas Days past and --

I stopped myself from light traveling seasons away

re-centered and focused on the

right now

arms full

heart warm


grateful for Christmas past

and Christmas future



heart swelling

thankful and long

in Christmas present.

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  1. I can feel you in this moment. And love that you knew to stay there. It's inspiring.

  2. Oh this is so soothing, Hy. Merry Christmas to all of you. Lets just keep it in our hearts past Christmas to our future and enjoy moments like these.



  3. Yes, yes, yes! You know my heart!

  4. I adore that picture of the boys - we are sort of on the same page with our thoughts this week (just express them differently) :) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year friend!


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