Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the Write Before Christmas: All is Calm

It's unbelievable, she thinks

and no one would understand

try as she may to explain

that beneath a star bright shining against an inky sky

amid the busyness of crowds moving through the streets

surrounded by bundles of hay

that stillness

and peace

and beauty

shine brighter than any star in little eyes staring widely back into her own.

It's unbelievable


as the world rushes by

how the moment she held him in her arms

fresh from her womb

fresh from heaven

it all seemingly stopped spinning.

Breathing in His scent

in the midst of the chaos

in the craze in the dizziness of life

how all is calm in the moments

she spends meeting His gaze with her own


holding open her palms to be filled with Life.

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