Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Twas the Write Before Christmas: Brimming in Scarlet

I wonder

what she thought

that night

when heaven

and her body burst open

poured out

Love covered in the skin of a tiny baby

tucked gently into her shaky arms.

I wonder

if all the long stares

and whispers spoken

as she walked by clearly round

and newly bound in a marriage vow

all faded into background noise

the moment she kissed his small head.

If while the manger was brimming in scarlet,

her labor cries piercing a dark night sky,

immediately glittered star-silver-beautiful

when she first fell deep into his eyes.

I wonder if she long treasured

more than mighty words to come promising His greatness,

simply sat soaking in the sweet smell of Heaven

freshly dusted on the softest skin

she'd ever felt on her fingers

her lips

her heart.


  1. Oh, my. This is beautiful, Hy. And to be Mary in that moment? Incredible.

  2. I wonder too. One of my favorites of yours ever.

  3. to some degree all mothers know - but to have the added knowledge that this was the Christ child - oh my! I wonder if she knew how he would suffer?


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